Digestive Enzyme Formula

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Eighty percent of our body’s energy is expended by the digestive process. If you are run down, under stress, living in a very hot or very cold climate, pregnant or a frequent traveler, then extra enzymes are required by your body. Aging also depletes our ability to produce necessary enzymes. Poor digestion inhibits the body’s absorption of nutrients and can consequently lead to other health issues. SANDERSON™ Digestive Enzyme Formula is a comprehensive complex of natural botanical and microbial ingredients for optimum digestive function.


  • A comprehensive and effective digestive enzyme complex that combines both botanical and microbial ingredients for maximum efficacy.
  • Assists digestion and relieves symptoms such as bloating, flatulence and gastric discomfort. Long term consequences of poor digestion may lead to allergies, constipation, oedema, weight gain, lethargy and lowered immunity. This formula may be helpful to people suffering gluten or lactose intolerance.

Contraindications: Should not be taken in pregnancy unless advised by a health professional. Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Available in a 60 capsule pack.

Protease (from Papaya Fruit) 25mg
Oxbile 7.5mg
Natural Peppermint Oil 2.5mg
Pancreatin 4X (contains lactose from milk) 50mg
Papain (contains sulfites) 1875000 FCCPU
Amylase 1000 DU
Bromelain 375000 FCCPU
Pepsin 1:10000 12.5mg
Lipase 50 FIP
Cellulase 100 CU
Betaine HCL 50mg
Bile extract 7.5mg
Dicalcium phosphate 130mg